Information on this Year’s Camp

This year’s featured instructors are: Mitsugi Saotome Shihan, founder of ASU, together with 7th Dans: John Messores (ASU, FL), Wendy Whited (Beecher, Il), George Ledyard (Bellevue, WA) and 6th Dans: Dan Messisco (ASU, CA), Chetan Prakash (Redlands, CA).

Our international guest instructors are: 7th Dan: Munetsugu Sakabe (Kumamoto, Japan) 6th Dans: Mark Adachi (Glendale, CA), Lee Crawford (Kirkland, WA); and  5th Dan: Detlef Decker (Ireland), Kay Sandacz (Beecher, IL)


Aikidoka of all affiliations are most welcome!!


A memorable experience:

  • Superb Aikido Practice - Opportunity to train with O Sensei’s direct student Saotome Shihan and other World-class instructors
  • Personal Classes with Saotome Shihan - The first 60 students to pre-register will have the opportunity to train with Saotome Shihan in one of 3 small classes
  • Training for all Levels - Instruction targeted to all levels from basics to advanced, as well as aikido instructor training
  • Detailed Weapons Instruction - From basic weapons suburi for beginners and weapons takeaways to advanced weapons practice
  • Three Concurrent Training Spaces - During some of the periods, you will have multiple classes to choose from – pick the instruction you most need
  • Cross-training with other arts - Traditional Katori Shintoryu 
  • Social Gatherings - Two evening parties and an ASU Town Hall
  • A very affordable camp - Good quality meals, accommodations at local hotels, registration fees – all at a reasonable cost
  • Stay at the Dojo - for $15/night


Looking forward to seeing you at the third annual ASU Western Fall Camp!

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