Information on this Year’s Camp


This year’s featured instructors are: Mitsugi Saotome Shihan, founder of ASU, together with 7th Dans: John Messores (ASU, FL), Wendy Whited (Beecher, Il), George Ledyard (Bellevue, WA) and 6th Dans: Dan Messisco (ASU, CA), Chetan Prakash (Redlands, CA).


Our international guest Sensei are: 6th Dans: Mark Adachi (Glendale, CA), Lee Crawford (Kirkland, WA), Robert Deppe (Washington, DC), Josh Drachman (Bellevue, WA), Tom Haines (Phoenix, AZ); 5th Dans: Detlef Decker (Cork, Ireland), Luis Escamilla (Redlands, CA), David Goldberg (Agasssiz, Canada), Kay Sandacz (Beecher, IL); and 4th Dan Nelson Derriba (Montevideo, Uruguay).

In addition, we will offer classes in Katori Shintoryu Kenjitsu, taught by Riichi Katano Sensei, Tameshigiri by Aaron Belko Sensei and Iyengar Yoga by Emi Harden!


Aikidoka of all affiliations are most welcome!!


A memorable experience:

  • Superb Aikido Practice - Opportunity to train with O Sensei’s direct student Saotome Shihan and other World-class instructors
  • Personal Classes with Saotome Shihan - The first 60 students to pre-register will have the opportunity to train with Saotome Shihan in one of 3 small classes
  • Training for all Levels - Instruction targeted to all levels from basics to advanced, as well as aikido instructor training
  • Detailed Weapons Instruction - From basic weapons suburi for beginners and weapons takeaways to advanced weapons practice
  • Three Concurrent Training Spaces - During some of the periods, you will have multiple classes to choose from – pick the instruction you most need
  • Cross-training with other arts - Traditional Katori Shintoryu 
  • Social Gatherings - Two evening parties and an ASU Town Hall
  • A very affordable camp - Good quality meals, accommodations at local hotels, registration fees – all at a reasonable cost
  • Stay at the Dojo - for $15/night


Looking forward to seeing you at the third annual ASU Western Fall Camp!

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