Enjoy intensive training from Thursday night through Monday, with about 27 hours of training available. In addition to regular keiko emphasizing the principles of Aikido, there will be special classes devoted to preparation for all levels of kyu and dan test requirements, including both empty-hand (kihon waza, jiu waza and randori) and weapons practice (suburi, weapons takeaways and throws, the basic kumitachi and kumijo). There will also be sessions on more advanced topics taken from henka and kaeshi waza, multiple person attacks, the jo/bo patrol kata, advanced sword work, as well as on the teaching of Aikido for instructors.

A number of sessions will consist of parallel classes in seperate rooms. Themes for these classes will be announced in early November and students will be able to make a choice of class, based on their individual needs. 

Attendance at this camp for three or more full days will qualify ASU students for their camp-attendance requirement for dan ranking.

Testing for Dan ranks will take place during the camp. Please inform us if you are requesting to test.


The camp will start on Thursday, November 7th at 4:00pm and end Monday, November 11th at 1:00pm. 

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